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Here are some potential categories for organizing the tools on your site:

  1. SEO Tools: Link Analysis Tool, Sitemap Submitter Tool, Sitemap Checker Tool, Website Speed Test Tool, Sitemap Generator Tool, Meta Tag Extractor Tool, Header Checker Tool, High Quality Backlink Checker Tool, New Backlink Checker Tool, Poor Backlink Checker Tool, Robot.Txt Generator Tool, Domain Authority Checker Tool, Page Authority Checker Tool, Bing SERP Tool, Google SERP Tool, Competition Tool, Crawlability Test Tool, Indexed Pages Checker Tool, Keyword Research Tool, Keyword Density Checker Tool, Mobile Support Test Tool, Top Referrers Tool, Top Search Queries Tool, Advance Meta Tag Generator Tool, Easy Meta Tag Generator Tool

  2. Social Media Tools: Free IGTools, Instagram Hashtag Finder Tool

  3. Content Tools: Fancy Text Generator Tool, QR Code Maker Tool, Terms & Conditions Generator Tool, Disclaimer Page Generator Tool, Privacy & Policy Generator Tool, About Us Page Generator Tool, Meme Generator Tool, Google Drive Direct Download Link Generator Tool, Affiliate Link Disclosure Page Generator Tool, Image To Base64 Encoder Tool, Charactor Counter Tool, Source Code Formatter Tool, Url Encode & Decode Converter Tool, Voice To Text Writing Tool, iFrame Generator Tool

  4. Calculators: Percentage Calculator Tool, Tip Calculator Tool, Age Calculator Tool, Online Calculator Tool, Scientific Calculator Tool, Empirical (68-95-99.7) Rule Calculator Tool, Length Calculator Tool, AR Calculator Tool, RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) Calculator Tool, Sigma (Sum) Calculator Tool, Retirement Calculator Tool, Health Calculator Tool, Pregnancy Calculator Tool, Temperature Converter Tool

  5. Miscellaneous Tools: Hex Color Picker Tool, Rainbow Text Maker Tool, Gradient Color Code Picker Tool.